Experience all Izushi has to offer at Sobafuji

e have prepared a large variety of Izushi Soba themed activities so that you may enjoy the traditional culture of Izushi to the fullest. By all means, please come and spend some quality time with us.

Have fun while experiencing the traditions of Izushi.

You can enjoy the 300 year old tradition of making Izushi Soba Noodles, painting on Izushi Pottery Plates, and dyeing “Chirimen” silk crepe.

Izushi Soba Experience

Why not experience the ancient tradition of making Izushi Soba Noodles? One of our skilled craftsmen will carefully guide you.

Painting Experience on Izushi Pottery Plates

Why not paint your original picture on white pottery called “Izushi-yaki”?

xperience of Dyeing “Chirimen” Silk Crepe

You can use our templates, choose your favorite colour, and dye silken “Izushi Chirimen”

Sobafuji is the most suitable place to start sight-seeing in Izushi.  

Our parking lot can accommodate up to 25 large busses or passenger vehicles, so there is no need to walk from the municipal parking area. We also offer rental bicycles for you to explore the town with. Why not start your sight-seeing in Izushi with us at Sobafuji?

The way to Shinkoro Clock Tower is straightforward
Rental bicycles

From Sobafuji the way to Shinkoro Clock Tower is perfectly straightforward. Our rental bicycles are free to use for anyone who has enjoyed a meal at our restaurant. Please make use of our convenient sight-seeing maps when you head out on your journey.

Let Sobafuji's distinctive service guide you on a pleasant
trip through Izushi.

A commemorative gift for soba enthusiasts.

Gentlemen able to eat 20 or more, and ladies able to eat 15 or more, plates of soba will be presented with a commemorative plaquette.

If you have been to Sobafuji before and received a Sobafuji Pass please bring it along. You will receive a 10% discount on meals when you present your Pass.