Special Products from Izushi

Izushi Soba Silken Goods and Other Traditional Souvenirs

Our restaurant is a sister-store to the long established Tanakaya Soba Workshop. We have a wide variety of soba themed souvenirs specially delivered to us from their workshop. If you would like to buy some souvenir soba products as a gift, we highly recommend these. We have also gathered many interesting local products for you to browse through. Enjoy exploring the town unencumbered and then indulge in our fine souvenirs. Sobafuji ―― optionally situated for the visitors to Izushi

Souvenir Soba

Izushi Soba Ishiusu Soba(Willstone soba) Izushi Soba(Shinkoro) Izushi Soba Mondo Selection Gold Label Soba

Internationally Recognized Soba from Tanakaya Izushi Soba Workshop

Tanakaya Izushi Soba has been awarded a Monde Selection Gold Label. Receiving such an internationally recognized prize is an astounding achievement. These soba noodles can be purchased from our shop or directly from the Tanakaya Workshop website. By all means, please try some of this award-winning Soba.

What is “Monde Selection”?

This is an internationally recognized quality testing institute whose headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium. It was established in 1961 together with the Belgian Economic Bureau and European Community. Its goals are the search for outstanding products and the promotion of quality goods. The award process can be likened to a “Food Olympics” or “Nobel Prize For Food”. In the world of quality choice, there is no more representative competition than this!